20P Roulette

Developer: Inspired Gaming

If you love roulette but want a steady low stakes game, you won’t find better value for money than 20P Roulette by Inspired Gaming. This mobile friendly take on the classic casino table game is perfect for new players who want to learn the game, and for casual gamblers looking for a steady grind against the tables.

20P Roulette is an electronic version of classic European roulette, featuring authentic wheel sounds, gentle background music, an easy to understand betting grid, and a very helpful pay table with details of the available bets. Take a few spins right now here at Slot Strike Casino!

Roulette betting

In European roulette, the wheel is made of the numbers 1-36, with an additional zero. Players can select any of these single numbers, and if their number is picked they will win a huge 35/1 payout! However, for a much better chance of winning, albeit with a reduced payout, roulette also includes a wide range of other bets. Players can select a third or a half of the roulette grid, or bet on whether the number will be red/black or odd/even. These bets have a much greater chance of being successful, and can produce some great streaks. Alternatively, players can place their chips on the grid lines between two or four numbers.

Neighbours bet

In 20P roulette, players could also opt for the Neighbours bet. This is a less common, but very popular, bet on a single number and also its neighbours - that is, the two numbers positioned either side of it on the roulette wheel. Not all electronic roulette games include this option, but it can be activated as part of the standard betting set during 20P roulette games.

Placing your bets

As the name suggests, each single chip in this game is worth 20P. The total chip balance is shown to the side of the screen, and players can drag and drop their chips to the table in order to place their bets. The minimum stake for a bet is £1 - that is, placing five chips of 20p each on the table. Stacks of chips can be placed on a single bet, to increase the overall wager, or chips can be spread across several bets at once.

After the bet is placed and the player confirms their stake, the wheel will spin and the random number generator will pick a winner. If the number corresponds to one or more of the player’s placed chips, the game will automatically pay out. The table is cleared between each spin, ready for the next bet. A tracker records a running total of recent numbers picked, which can help players determine which number they want to bet on next.

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