Lightning Roulette

Developer: Evolution

Spice up the roulette table with lightning numbers that come with huge multipliers for the chance of an immense win! Lightning Roulette is a live casino game from the Evolution Gaming team, and you can play it now with Slot Strike Casino!

Get that authentic casino feel with Lightning Roulette, where you take a seat at a real table beside other players, and engage with the host as the game unfolds. This is as close as you can get to a night out at the casino: and you don’t even need to leave your home!

Step up to the Lightning Roulette table

The game is streamed live from a Vegas casino studio, where a friendly croupier oversees all of the action and keeps the chat flowing. Get involved with the chat bar at the side of the screen, which allows you to interact with the other players in the room, and also the host. The table sits in the middle of the screen, with various controls around that let the player select their bet (from 0.20 to 5,000), read the pay table, and make their selections. You can stick with the standard bets on single numbers, odds/evens and black/red, or try a group bet to spread the chance of a win. Lightning Roulette is a European roulette game, with a single zero, and it includes international bets such as voisons, orphelins and the finale sets.

Place your bets!

The dealer will announce when the wheel is open for bets, and when time is up for that round. They will call the winning number, announce any big wins, and congratulate the winners - then everything starts over again! The croupier is also in charge of the chat, replying to comments and greeting new players who join the game. Most importantly of all, they announce each round’s special Lightning Numbers!

Lightning Roulette Bonus

Before the wheel spins on every round, between one and five numbers are selected at random. These numbers flash up on the big screen behind the wheel, where they are struck by lightning and highlighted in gold. The numbers are also marked on the grid. Each lightning number has a multiplier of between 50x and 500x. Any wins involving that number have the corresponding multiplier applied to the payout!

Play Lightning Roulette at Slot Strike

Roulette is the ultimate casino game, played at land based casinos and their online counterparts all over the world. The game is perfect for beginners and seasoned gamblers alike, with many different ways to bet. Play safe with the short odds, or go for a long shot: however you play, Lightning Roulette has everything you expect in a classic roulette table.

The addition of the Lightning Numbers really cranks up the excitement here, with the chance to score some seriously huge wins if the wheel proves lucky. Like other games in the Evolution live casino selection, Lightning Roulette also offers a great gaming experience with its friendly hosts and authentic studio set-up. Give it a try now with Slot Strike!



Lightning Roulette


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